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Hostgator.com is possible the largest cPanel Internet hosting company and currently service over 9 million websites. We own a Baby shared service account and this is our self owned account. We have full access anywhere and this is where we revealed their secret and figure out what makes them so successful today. We’re their customers and everything we learned are exposed in this Hostgator review site. There should be no hidden facts and no fake Hostgator reviews either. When you choose to signup, remember to use the Hostgator coupon from here and get the biggest discount with up to 25% off.

Hostgator shared hosting services are awesome. Their price is affordable and with the help of discount coupon codes, we can get these plans with another saving. Anyone who looks for website hosting plan would be attracted to this deal.


Hostgator Hatchling plan is priced at $3.95 per month and recommended for personal website hosting. It allows single domain hosting only and user are not allowed to add more. Use coupon HOSTGATOR371 and the discount price is $3.71 only.

Hostgator Baby plan is the most preferred and suitable for 90% of webmaster needs. This advanced plan allows unlimited domains and more flexibility in your hands. Regular price is $6.36 per month, use the coupon HOSTGATOR371 and discount price is $5.96 only.

Hostgator Business plan is suggested for e-commerce website. The price starts from $10.36 per month and come with toll-free number, dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Use coupon HOSTGATOR371 and get this at $9.71 only.

They have three web hosting packages and each have their purposes. General features are including cPanel control panel with 1-click apps installer, free 4500 website templates for download, marketing coupons and including $100 Google Adwords.

Shared Hosting Features

Hostgator CMS compatibility and performance is verified here. Besides checking their shared hosting specification, speed and uptime, we are testing this web hosting plan for various content management systems. From our Host Gator review, we know this plan is compatible for the following.

  1. WordPress blog
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. Magento
  5. SMF forum

Before you choose a web hosting company to do business with, it is important that you look at reviews posted by people who have been hosted by the company before. There are features you should look for to help you determine whether the company will meet your needs or not.

First you need to look at the administration and the resources that will be availed to you. One needs to look at things such as whether they will be allowed to control emails, the domain and the account. A reliable web hosting company should allow clients to view website statistics and give you space to enjoy all the advantages of operating and owning a website. You should be able to perform the following functions;

  1. Change the setting of your account.
  2. Have an account that is equipped with cPanel.
  3. Allow you to manage your email accounts.
  4. Allow you to download software when logged into your account.

The hosting company should avail a bandwidth and a disc space that is sufficient to enable you carry out all the activities you may have planned for. It should guarantee you over 99.9% uptime to the users. The company should be able to;

  • Offer data backup services.
  • Implement environmentally friendly practices.
  • Allow you to have a unique IP address for your web site.
  • The company should be able to provide unlimited number of MySQL database.

Contacts are important and determine whether you will succeed and move your business to another level or not. For this reason, your web hosting company must offer a platform where you can have a live chat, phone calls, social media services and email functionalities. If the company allows you to offer customer support, it can be a good idea to consider it. The support may include;

  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • 24/7 phone support.
  • Offer a ticket or email system.
  • Live chat support.
  • Social media contact.

If the company allows for unlimited amount of the domain and the sub domain, it should be appreciated. Check if the company offers the following;

For any online business to succeed, it must have a working email to link the business to the outside world. A web hosting company must provide superior email capabilities to website owners. The most important ones include spam and virus filter, display all emails and messages send to the website. It must also allow you to access and use advanced features such as auto response, avail a mailing list and at the same time allow you to create unlimited email addresses associated with the domain. You should be able to automatically forward the emails to any other email address of your choice. It should allow you to use web based email communication effectively.

Your website must be capable of giving your clients and customers bonuses and extras once they have signed in. Such offers may include money back guarantee, advertising credits, coupon codes, discounts and many others. These are important offers especially if you own a business website. Other features that are important for business based websites include ecommerce shopping cart tools, ability to read the customers review and preview. These and many more services may not be of use to you but they play an important role in helping to portray the quality of your website and could easily help to sway customers from other sites that do not provide them.

Ensure that the company of your choice provide for additional software such as web design, anti-virus software, free toll free phone number, Google adwords free credit and many others.

It is necessary that you inquire if the company of your choice allows shared hosting, dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. If your goal is to start a web hosting business, go for a company that allows for reseller hosting. If the company offers cloud services, it may be the right company to choose since cloud hosting is what will grow your business to a higher level what will grow your business to a higher level.

Hostgator coupons and $3.71/mo discounts

Hostgator is the best when come to professional website hosting. With large variety of options to choose from, including the budget plan, reseller, high performance VPS, and privately owned dedicated server. For each type of service, they have few packages available and user can choose the most suitable configuration available. At here, we have collection of Hostgator coupons available that ready to give you extra discount and signup with lowest price ever. Don’t signup yet until you check on these offer price.

This August 2014, Hostgator is having this weekend web hosting sales and anyone signup before August 19th will be able to grab this 45% discount price. This is 2 promotions in one, both their hosting plan and domain names are on sales. Order new domain or additional registration for $8.00/year only.

Hostgator coupon SMOKE

This Summer sales 2014, Hostgator is having a great web hosting deal and their shared hosting is now as low as $2.24 per month for first 6 months. This is over 75% in discount and this promotion is only valid for 4 days only. Starting 24th July and ends by 27th July, this Summer sales will give the following discount price:

  • 75% off all shared hosting packages from 1 to 6 months.
  • 45% off all other shared hosting packages.
  • 50% off all Hostgator VPS hosting plans.
  • 45% off all dedicated hosting servers.

Summer sales 2014

For this year 2014 World Cup season, Hostgator.com is having this one-day sale throughout June 24th 2014 (24 hours only). Anyone who chooses to ‘support’ and signup this hosting will get 45% in discount and shared hosting starting at $2.72/mo only. Meanwhile the domain price is with discount too and now priced at $8.00 a year. Get Hostgator Soccer sales 45% off!

Soccer Sale

Here is a Hostgator coupon offering 25% off. This is the most commonly found voucher and valid for most of the time. This is one time discount voucher and has been valid for many years. Apply this code when ordering their hosting products and get instant discounted price.

Hostgator Coupon 25%

This year 2013, there is one Hostgator coupon that offering 30% discount. This code is valid for the month of July and offering flat rate. Don’t use the other coupon for this month, and this is the most superior voucher code to use.

Hostgator Coupon 30%

They have the most complete packages for webmaster to choose from. This price can be further discounted and get as low as $3.71 per month. Beside this offer, they also have one cent free trial for their Baby plan. Right now they offer free trial to Baby shared hosting and giving it away for one cent only. When using the right coupon code and choose to signup for first month, this plan is available for one cent only. When ordering Baby plan with monthly term and no domain name is selected, this voucher will gives 99% discount. Use following 1 cent coupon code “1CENTBABYPLAN” and signup Baby plan for one month. Pay nothing more than just one cent.

Hostgator coupon one cent

Hostgator rebate cash back is now $5. Getting more discounts are near impossible, however we try to help you and offering you a one-time $5 cash rebate if you can take part in our review program. Filled up your customer testimonial and get rewarded today.

Cash rebates

From within Hostgator cPanel control panel, we can get a few kind of promotion and products on sale. For example, this year we often spotted this cloud backup service starting at $19.95/year. This is the website backup service to secure your data from unexpected disaster that possibly destroy your website functionality.

Cloud backup service

Subdomain name and its use

If you want to learn more about subdomain names, you are encouraged to read this post because we’re going to cover everything about the topic. We’re going to tackle all nuts and bolts of the topic, with the intent of making you understand everything you need to know.

What’s a subdomain name?

If, for instance, you typed the words ”www.bbc.com” into the address bar to visit their official site, then you’d be using what we call a subdomain. Some individuals will refer to this as ”canonical”, while others will call it ”third-level domain”. The reasoning behind it is that the ”.com” word is the top level domain, bbc is the 2nd level while ”www” is considered the 3rd.

You also realize that certain countries in the world will have top-level domains which contain two parts. If you’ve seen ”.org.uk”, or even ”.co.uk”, then you know what we’re taking about.

Now, let’s take an example of a site, say ”myservice.co.uk. This is considered a real domain name, and not a subdomain of a ”.co.uk”. But to create a subdomain for this site, we would use something like – ”sales.myservice.co.uk”.

Think about platforms such as ”wordpress.org”, ”blogger for blogspot”, and so forth. With these sites, you can create your own custom domain, but then include subdomains for the website you’re creating.

Machines names.

Subdomains may be used to identify a network of individual computers who might be having unique IP addresses. When they are used this way, the machine name will take the place of the subdomain. An organization could be having two servers somewhere. Say their names are ”accounting.firm.com” and ”marketing.firm.com”. In such a case, these two computers will serve different departments, and they will have information relevant to the department in question.

Subdomains and loading balance.

In today’s internet world, it’s possible to have many subdomains that point to different computers containing the same information or data. This type of arrangement is often seen in very busy sites, i.e. sites that get lots of traffic. So for example, when a visitors types in ”www.busysite.com”, a system known as loading balance will direct them to any one of the available computers. This would be ”www4.busysite.com or www6.busysite.com” and so forth.

Why subdomain names are used to organize information on a website?

It’s very true that some online shops use them to organize their information. So for instance, if the online shop in question is selling a variety of products, they may use subdomains that look like this: ”books.shop.com”, or even ”flowers.shop.com” etc, to help store related information.

A very good example would be a site like about.com. They use subdomains on every topic they cover, and this is meant to organize information for visitors. You’ll notice something like ”autorepair.antiques.com” or even ”antiques.about.com”. Of course it’s possible that they could have wanted to use ”www.about.com/autorepair”. However, they are taking this direction so that it becomes easier to move the topic into a dedicated computer, just in case it becomes popular at a later date.

For sites that work like this one, this ”scalability” could offer very many benefits. However, for others, sub-directories would work really fine. In fact, these sites don’t even need the ”200 subdomains”, which comes in some advanced hosting deal.

Does It Affect SEO?

We’ve seen many people get so concerned about how subdomains affect search engine optimization. They are almost certain that blogs hosted on a subdomain are likely to invoke the SEO gods to send their punishment for committing such an offense. These people will claim that the ”magical seo juices” will shun your primary domain, and that it will hurt your page ranking in the end. Well, this is not true.

Advantages of Going The Subdomain Way

  1. You will increase your ranking because the category matches your URL subdomain.
  2. Visitors will be able to enjoy a better navigation experience.
  3. Targeted content matches your site’s URL name, and this means a higher page rank.


  1. You definitely need more content in your site to get a decent PR.


If your site runs on a lot of content, then you’d be better off with related sub-domains. However, if your site is not committed to giving too much content, then a single domain would just be enough.

If you are looking for shared hosting plan that allows you to host multiple subdomain names, this Hostgator subdomain name is now unlimited for all 3 web hosting plans. Choose any plan and you get to host unlimited subdomain in here.

Hostgator subdomain name

Google Caffeine definition and advantage

The SEO world in as dynamic as the Internet, therefore we are likely to see tons of changers over time. This is the case of Google Caffeine, a new search architecture released by Google with the purpose of getting results faster and taking advantage of new social media technologies. As a lot of people are wondering about the effects of Google Caffeine in their rankings, we are going to dedicate an entire section to this factor. We will also talk about how this new trend is going to affect your website growth and how social signal and tweets are important. As these aspects are very important, we are going to talk about them in detail herein.

What is Google Caffeine?

Google Caffeine is just the codename of a new search architecture rolled out by Google in August 2009. This new architecture was created both to work with information that was quickly updated from social sites and to get results faster. A domain´s age and the amount of keywords inside a page are some of the factors that now have a higher impact on search engine optimization. It is also said that the recent update of Microsoft´s search engine Bing was the reason behind this new update of Google, which claims that their results are now 50% faster owing to a continuous update of their index.

How this new trend is going to affect your website growth?

The growth of your website´s traffic will depend on the authority of the domain, number of tags in social sites such as Facebook and Technorati and pages on sites like Scribd. If you have a domain name that exactly matches a keyphrases, your search engine traffic will increase. By putting more synonyms and related words inside your content pages, your website will get more traffic.

How social signals and tweets are important?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the use of social signals for SEO purposes. Though some SEO experts focus their efforts on social media for SEO rankings, others just use it for brand awareness, traffic, and many other indirect benefits. In fact, Google does not take social signs into consideration to give you high rankings for a particular keyword or keyphrase, according to Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team of Google. However, this situation is happening now, but the future can change things. It means that as Google works hard to understand social connections between social media users, social signals might have a greater impact on search engine results over time.

According to Mr. Cutts the fact that a particular page has lots of “likes” and top rankings for a particular keyphrase or keyword is just a correlation and not causation. People cannot say that because this page has 1000 likes it will get top rankings, for that is not the truth. Mr. Cutts also says that Google is hesitant to collect sensitive information that is changed by users. The problem is that Mr. Cutts does not mention Google+, which is a platform that Google controls. In addition, social media seems to be an important part of rankings since increased rich and traffic will have an impact on your search engine positions too.

Google Caffeine has been generating a lot of buzz in the SEO world, but there is no need to worry about it. Goggle just wants to speed up the process of showing results and to take advantage of the new social media technologies. This trend will also increase the rankings of websites that have authority and decent page rank, but social signals will play a small part of the SEO puzzle. However, Google has a social networking platform called Google+ which has been used heavily to improve the Google algorithm used to rank pages. Though Google says that social signals do not play a key role in their ranking algorithm, there is no doubt that social media sites will increase their importance in Google overtime. We also need to take into consideration the fact that the increased traffic and buzz that web pages get through social media sites will increase their rankings in search engines over time. The use of synonyms and related words in pages will also have an important impact on their positions in the results of Google these days.

For your website to rank top in search engines, you will need a fast web hosting plan. We are recommending this Hostgator business hosting for professional users and this plan come with free SSL certificate which give your website HTTPS secure access and Google love this a lot.

Hostgator SSL for free

Learn more about google analytics here

Many people are interested with Google Analytics. It is one of the most popular tools for most website owners today. This popular tool can be used to report any important data or essential details for all site owners. If you want to grow your online business performance significantly, you should consider using this powerful tool. This efficient tool is specially created by Google to help all website owners today. Keep reading this article to find out some important information and details about this powerful tool. You can use this web-based tool for getting some insights about your own website.

How to install Google Analytics code to my website?

When you are using Google Analytics, you need to know how you can install its code on your website. This code can be obtained from the official page of Analytics. You are able to get the tracking ID from this website. This tracking ID is usually started with “UA-” word. This code can be found at the top of the setting page. After you get your own Analytics code, you need to paste this code in the right place in your website. There are some methods that you can use, so you can install this code on your site safely.

a. Manual placement

Some people are interested with this manual step. If you are familiar with HTML code, you can consider using this simple tip. You are able to get access to your HTML page before you can start the installation process. This Analytics code can be installed before the </head> tag. You should be able to find out this tag from your website easily. When you attach this code to this HTML page, you should be able to start monitoring your site. In most cases, the complete procedure can be done in a few minutes. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money for installing this code manually.

b. Use plugin

This is another easy way that you can do, so you can install the Analytics code easily. When you search on the Internet, you can find a lot of Analytics related plugins. You can choose the best plugin that is good for your needs, for example All in One SEO, Google Analytics plugin, Yoast, and many other popular plugins. When you use some of these tools, you don’t need to have proper coding knowledge and skills. Most plugins are available for free without any additional costs. You can find your favorite plugin immediately. You can simply put the Analytics code on the specific place in your plugin.

How to use this tool to check your website traffic?

1. Analyse website visitors

This is the main reason why you need to use Google Analytics. You can use this tool to analyze all website visitors. You are able to take a look at all important details about your visitors, for example gender, location, keyword, referrers, and many other parameters. If you want to get maximum benefits from your Google Analytics, you also need to analyse your customers or visitors. Knowing about your website visitors can improve your business performance significantly. You can also find some problems that may occur with your website immediately.

2. Improve your content strategy

If you know all important details about your customers, you should be able to improve your content strategy effectively. You should be able to adjust your website with your customers’ needs or preferences. Google Analytics allows you to get some insights about your website, such as targeted keywords, landing page, bouncing rate, and some other details. When you are planing to have a successful online business, you should choose the best content strategy for your website. Many people claim that they are able to optimize their traffic quickly when they use this method.

They are some benefits that you can get from Google Analytics. It is one of the most popular tools for most online business owners today. This tool is available for free for all customers. You don’t have to spend your money for using this powerful tool. If you know how to maximize this tool, you are able to improve your own business performance significantly. Learning about your customers is very essential for your business. You should be able to meet your customers’ needs and preferences after using this tool.

Hostgator one cent hosting plan

Choosing cloud server or dedicated server?

Choosing the right server for your company does not have to be an odious task. A server is a computer that acts as storage for data and even applications and then provides them to the devices linked to its network. For instance, when one accesses the internet, there is a complex web of servers are involved in relaying stored data to you. There are many types of servers when categorized in terms of functionality. A mail server will help in the management of email for security of office data while a file server will be responsible for the storage, access and security of the network files. Other servers include proxy, web and application.

However for practical distinction purposes, a server is either a cloud server or dedicated server. A cloud server is a virtual computing machine that provides data management services. It is really an offsite system found in large data centers and is managed by a third party. A dedicated server is a physical computer system purchased by a network to serve their data management needs. Companies lease or buy an entire physical server that serves only their network. The user of a dedicated server rents the internet connection and the software used from a web hosting company. It is important to note that the Internet is actually a network of servers located all around the globe with enormous amounts of data and wide range of functionalities.

Why invest in a web server?

Companies will often not know whether to rent server services and if yes, which one to choose. The basic functions of a server are to store, retrieve and share information and data within a network whether it’s a cloud server or dedicated server. It is important for every business or organization to have a server for these reasons. The server will act as back-up for your files and data. This limits the chances of completely losing vital information therefore saving time, money and inefficiency in operations. A server will also protect information because access can be limited allowing only authorized personnel with a username and password to log in. It acts as a center for all data in a network. Centralized storage system allows for quick and reliable access to shared information within a network.

Choosing a cloud sever.

Cloud hosting services are usually shared services. This means that servers are shared between the clients of the web hosting company that manages them. Cloud servers do not have the disadvantage that is posed by small traditional shared machines. In the past a shared network with another company meant inflexibility and slow traffic. Cloud hosting allows for the limits of the resources being rented to be expanded in case of increased use. In case of overestimation of the required resource such a huge amount of storage space, there is an option to scale down into a more fitting package. In fact, a good cloud service is like any other utility. You will pay for what you need and have used.

The benefits of choosing cloud servers are many. Flexibility is high meaning that when extra resources are required, they will be provided as well as allowing remote access of data. It is also economical. One will pay for the services they are using instead of an idealized guess. They are very reliable because of the network involved. When one server is out of commission, another ‘steps in’ to continue providing the service. Finally, there is no complicated set-up protocols involved.

Choosing a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is the best for securing data since it serves only one network and cannot be accessed remotely or by unauthorized persons. The server is under that network control over hosting and there is no third party data manager involved. There is also lower traffic problems involved in access of data and relay of information making it fast and efficient. The only downside is the lack of flexibility. The capacity has to be estimated. An overestimate means that it is not cost-effective while underestimation means lack of necessary resources during busy periods.

Cloud server or dedicated server?

Choosing a cloud server or dedicated server will highly depend on the sensitivity of the data stored, the needs of a network and the cost-effectiveness. A dedicated server will be great for ultimate security for vital data. However, cloud servers offer more in terms of economy, access and flexibility.

Searching for Hostgator cloud hosting server?

They are not yet offering this new cloud network hosting service and what they are having now is some high-end dedicated servers. For most budget users with the small monthly budget, this Hostgator dedicated server here that start from $139 is really a great bargain. They have few servers available, you can click following banner to go to their site and compare the server available.

Hostgator dedicated servers

What is cpanel web hosting and linux hosting?

cPanel is the most convenient web management interface. It offers a set of tools that helps the website owners to manage the website database, website files, email accounts, FTP file transfers, SSL security certifications and more. The most amazing thing about this interface is that it allows you to manage your web hosting account through a web interface instead of a conventional console. It is popular among web hosts as it is can be used by non-professionals with ease.

Linux is a UNIX based open source platform used for web hosting. It is famous for its feature named LAMP. Lamp stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and perl/PHP/Python. LAMP is unified software that is available in a limited budget. Linux allows uploading of web files through hard drive using FTP file transfer feature. Linux leads ahead in the context of providing telnet access for the user data to be interpreted through transfer control protocol. Anybody having no experience related to web designing can also work on this platform.

cPanel has been a standard for Linux based web hosting

Each website you host has different cPanel accounts, different space for that and different bandwidth. Many of the web hosting platform have now developed interface that works on a Linux server with integrated cPanel.

Why choose cPanel hosting?

  1. cPanel is user-friendly. Unlike web based console cPanel is a web based interface that allows the users to manage websites, domain names and hosting accounts. It lays out easily distinguishable buttons to manage your website quickly.
  2. Some of the functions like website files, database, and email accounts can clearly be recognized and managed.
  3. It is easy to install cPanel. With the inception of cPanel, website management has been a cakewalk. You can manage your website easily without getting help from web developers. You can start up managing your website through a wizard. As you go by, the platform will explain you every detail of website management through easy-to-understand tutorials. You can easily set up everything that you require in your website.
  4. cPanel offers easy database access. Database management is easy with cPanel. You can create the database, you can edit tables, and you can allocate space to your database and many other functions through cPanel buttons. It is not that only novices can work with the easy database options. Developers can also do extensive work by accessing MySQL database and add postgreSQL options.
  5. You can manage all of your email accounts by using cpanel interface. You can add, delete and modify the email accounts in your website through the easy-to-use interface. The email feature of cPanel includes web mail accounts, forwarders, auto-responders, spam filtering, mailing lists and many more.
  6. Keeping the backup of your website database is very important. cPanel makes back up easier than ever. You can find backup wizard in the c panel interface can enable you to backup your web files, web database and email. Once you create backup your files, you can download it into your computer. You can upload it on another server if you want.
  7. There are different statistics that allows the website owner to keep a check on the functionality and popularity of his website. You can easily access web stats, analog stats, FTP stats, error logs, latest visitors and bandwidth modules.
  8. Fantastico is an add-on to cPanel. It allows the installation of different open source packages. The number of open source packages that it can install may range up 40 or something more than that. The packages include blogging, discussion boards, mailing lists, customer relation software, e-commerce and many more. You just need to fill in simple information in form. For getting all the packages installed you just need to click few buttons.
  9. Softaculous is an auto-installer package that works as an add-on for c-panel. It is available for free with shared accounts. A variety of applications can be installed through this add-on such as scripts, CMS, forums, mails, polls, surveys, project management, and customer support, framework, video, RSS feeds, file management and others. Most of the packages that come with this installer are free. You can get enough features through freely available packages.

Dozens of solution portals provide information regarding cpanel. Forums dedicated for cpanel can solve your cPanel problems. And if you are Hostgator customer, don’t forget there is Hostgator forum and support site to visit. In here, you can ask for technical advice and forward your question to their experts. Hostgator cPanel hosting is really famous, affordable and works for any website hosting.

Hostgator cPanel hosting

Which is better: blogspot or wordpress?

There are a lot of free blogging platforms available. Though, only two have won the netizens’ heart. If you don’t have a clue, these two allow people to blog and enjoy other features without the need to pay even a dime – we’re talking about Blogspot and WordPress. Usually, every new blogger begins their first website with either Blogspot or WordPress, and there has been a huge competition between the two.

Though, not all are familiar with these platforms. Therefore, let’s discuss about the differences and similarities of each to help you decide which one is ideal for you. There might be different reasons why you’re planning to join this community, but it’s always best to opt for one that’s compatible with your needs. Without further ado, let’s see if you’re a Blogspot or WordPress person.

What is Blogspot? Before anything else, Blogspot is a free web hosting service that most web developers use. However, there has been a big confusion between Blogger and Blogspot. The real name of the service is ‘Blogger,’ but when you create a blog or website on Blogger, it’ll be hosted by Blogspot.com

One of the biggest perks of using Blogspot is that it doesn’t take much time to set up your blog. In less than 10 minutes, you could create an account and start designing your website. Likewise, it’s very easy to maintain and use this platform. The moment you’re done setting up your Blogspot account, you could start posting as much as you like. Now, let’s discuss about the other positive points about having a Blogspot account.

  1. Easy to maintain.
    A Blogspot account is very easy to maintain and you could conveniently add pages and posts even when you’re not a computer professional. Likewise, it’s very easy to switch from one design to the next by using the free templates and layouts available in the site.
  2. Domain name.
    In Blogspot, your domain name would be, “yourblogname.blogspot.en” by default. Though, the “en” would depend on which country you’ve created your account. However, Blogspot also gives you the privilege to choose your own domain name for about $10 per year and you can connect your blogger account into your personalized domain name. The biggest perk of this is that you don’t even need to worry about any web hosting fees.
  3. No coding needing.
    Blogspot supports almost all features of a simple blog and you don’t even need to have a technical background about coding. Also, Blogspot offers a lot of templates that are free for use.
  4. AdSense.
    Due to the fact that Blogspot and AdSense are owned by the same company, you could easily post your ads and earn revenues from it. You could use your blog to promote products or affiliates online, allowing you to make money.
  5. Traffic.
    Tags and categories make Blogspot more organized. It allows other users to find your site easily and an active forum is a perfect way to drive traffic.

These are just some important points about Blogspot as a blogging platform. If you want to have a personal blog where you can share your experiences with relatives and friends, this could be ideal for you. You can design your own blog, personalize, and use it accordingly.

What is WordPress? Now, let’s discuss about the other blogging platform that’s as popular as Blogspot, the WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging platform that offers its users the chance to fully customize their page. Though, this shouldn’t be confused with wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Even though both are owned by the same company, wordpress.come is similar to Blogspot and offers free web hosting as well as a domain name (websitename.wordpress.com). On the other hand, wordpress.org is an official site of the WordPress project.

Just like Blogspot, WordPress is absolutely free. Al you need to have is a hosting plan from a hosting company and a domain name; and you’re all set. Also, WordPress offers a single-click installation, that would be useful if you have a hosting plan, such as a cpanel. With a cpanel, you’re allowed to do a one-click installation upgrade from your WordPress platform.

  1. Domain name.
    When you purchase your personalized domain name, it’ll be, “sitename.com.” Additionally, if you’re planning to have a business website or a functional website to sell your products, then your domain name should represent what you’re trying to convey. Thus, personalized domain names are very ideal for this.
  2. Perfect for coding experts.
    Wordpress allows the coding experts to design the site without any limitations nor restrictions. Having a WordPress account would entitle you to do anything you want in your site. You could also opt for premium WordPress themes in case you’re planning to set up a professional blog.
  3. AdSense.
    Just like Blogspot, you could integrate an AdSense account with your WordPress after an activation from Google. Also, if your blog is powered by WordPress, you could customize it even more and make it search friendly. You just need to install a couple of plugins and use your preferred theme, maximizing the AdSense potential at the same time.
  4. Traffic.
    Wordpress offers blog tours and promotes interaction between the bloggers. This allows the users to have fun and customize their profiles depending on what they want to show.
  5. Own domain name.
    Due to the fact that you own your domain name and you host your own content, you have the complete ownership and copyright for everything posted on your page. No need to worry that someone would shut down your account without even informing you.

Now that we’ve presented both blogging platforms, it’s your turn to decide whether Blogspot or WordPress is more ideal for you. Think about the purpose why you want to blog, then you’ll have an idea which platform would work best for you.

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