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Hostgator.com is possible the largest cPanel Internet hosting company and currently service over 9 million websites. We own a Baby shared service account and this is our self owned account. We have full access anywhere and this is where we revealed their secret and figure out what makes them so successful today. We’re their customers and everything we learned are exposed in this Hostgator review site. There should be no hidden facts and no fake Hostgator reviews either. When you choose to signup, remember to use the Hostgator coupon from here and get the biggest discount with up to 25% off.

Hostgator shared hosting services are awesome. Their price is affordable and with the help of discount coupon codes, we can get these plans with another saving. Anyone who looks for website hosting plan would be attracted to this deal.


Hostgator Hatchling plan is priced at $3.95 per month and recommended for personal website hosting. It allows single domain hosting only and user are not allowed to add more. Use coupon HOSTGATOR371 and the discount price is $3.71 only.

Hostgator Baby plan is the most preferred and suitable for 90% of webmaster needs. This advanced plan allows unlimited domains and more flexibility in your hands. Regular price is $6.36 per month, use the coupon HOSTGATOR371 and discount price is $5.96 only.

Hostgator Business plan is suggested for e-commerce website. The price starts from $10.36 per month and come with toll-free number, dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Use coupon HOSTGATOR371 and get this at $9.71 only.

They have three web hosting packages and each have their purposes. General features are including cPanel control panel with 1-click apps installer, free 4500 website templates for download, marketing coupons and including $100 Google Adwords.

Shared Hosting Features

Hostgator CMS compatibility and performance is verified here. Besides checking their shared hosting specification, speed and uptime, we are testing this web hosting plan for various content management systems. From our Host Gator review, we know this plan is compatible for the following.

  1. WordPress blog
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. Magento
  5. SMF forum

Before you choose a web hosting company to do business with, it is important that you look at reviews posted by people who have been hosted by the company before. There are features you should look for to help you determine whether the company will meet your needs or not.

First you need to look at the administration and the resources that will be availed to you. One needs to look at things such as whether they will be allowed to control emails, the domain and the account. A reliable web hosting company should allow clients to view website statistics and give you space to enjoy all the advantages of operating and owning a website. You should be able to perform the following functions;

  1. Change the setting of your account
  2. Have an account that is equipped with cPanel
  3. Allow you to manage your email accounts
  4. Allow you to download software when logged into your account

The hosting company should avail a bandwidth and a disc space that is sufficient to enable you carry out all the activities you may have planned for. It should guarantee you over 99.9% uptime to the users. The company should be able to;

  • Offer data backup services
  • Implement environmentally friendly practices
  • Allow you to have a unique IP address for your web site.
  • The company should be able to provide unlimited number of MySQL database.

Contacts are important and determine whether you will succeed and move your business to another level or not. For this reason, your web hosting company must offer a platform where you can have a live chat, phone calls, social media services and email functionalities. If the company allows you to offer customer support, it can be a good idea to consider it. The support may include;

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Offer a ticket or email system
  • Live chat support
  • Social media contact

If the company allows for unlimited amount of the domain and the sub domain, it should be appreciated. Check if the company offers the following;

For any online business to succeed, it must have a working email to link the business to the outside world. A web hosting company must provide superior email capabilities to website owners. The most important ones include spam and virus filter, display all emails and messages send to the website. It must also allow you to access and use advanced features such as auto response, avail a mailing list and at the same time allow you to create unlimited email addresses associated with the domain. You should be able to automatically forward the emails to any other email address of your choice. It should allow you to use web based email communication effectively.

Your website must be capable of giving your clients and customers bonuses and extras once they have signed in. Such offers may include money back guarantee, advertising credits, coupon codes, discounts and many others. These are important offers especially if you own a business website. Other features that are important for business based websites include ecommerce shopping cart tools, ability to read the customers review and preview. These and many more services may not be of use to you but they play an important role in helping to portray the quality of your website and could easily help to sway customers from other sites that do not provide them.

Ensure that the company of your choice provide for additional software such as web design, anti-virus software, free toll free phone number, Google adwords free credit and many others.

It is necessary that you inquire if the company of your choice allows shared hosting, dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. If your goal is to start a web hosting business, go for a company that allows for reseller hosting. If the company offers cloud services, it may be the right company to choose since cloud hosting is what will grow your business to a higher level what will grow your business to a higher level.

Create An e-Commerce Website from WordPress

With an e-commerce site, you can reach the ends of the universe with your products. Customers who were initially difficult to get to can now find you and order your products from the web. They can also pay securely over the web in order to initiate the process of delivering items they’ve ordered.

Wordpress eCommerce pluginWe shall work with WordPress as an example to help us elaborate how to create an e-commerce site from scratches to completion. We’re going to use WP e-commerce, which is a plugin ran by WordPress. Using this application, we can easily create a website that will enable us sell everything. This shopping cart plugin lets customers buy our products and services online.

  1. Installing WP e-Commerce
    We need to have our site ready for everything to take place. Hosting can be done locally or by using a web hosting service. Once this is done, we can head straight away to ”all posts” and get rid of trash as default post for the list. Then we create a category relevant to what we’re selling. Notice that when you don’t categorize, your products will appear under ”uncategorized” items. So naming is very important. Then we should proceed to ”pages” – ”all pages”, and then we get rid of trash, which is the default page here. You are free to maintain or change your current theme to suit your business needs. Just click appearance on the dashboard, then themes. You should be able to select the theme that’s most relevant to you. And before we forget, you must also write your site’s header. Under appearance, there’s an option that lets you write your header.
  2. Under general settings, we can change our site’s title and tagline.
    Select the option that says ”Anyone can register”. Save changes. Once that is done, we need to ensure that we can created customized Urls. This can be done by making a few changes under ”settings – permalink and custom structure. Under the discussing page, you can block comments to ensure that no one writes comments on your e-commerce site.
  3. Installing WP e-Commerce
    You can install it through the WordPress plugin menu. Just search for WP e-Commerce under plugins. A list will be generated. Click ”install now”. Once you are done with the installation, click ”activate now”. That’s it; everything is ready to use.
  4. A few changes to make
    This plugin will show you the product menu and store options on your dashboard. The function of the product menu is to help you add different products onto your e-commerce site. On the other hand, the store option is used to change the plugin settings. You will also see new items on your dashboard namely; sales by quarter, sales by month & sales summary.
  5. Configuration
    Click settings, then reading. Under front page display, choose a static page which will represent your site’s front page. This page should be displayed by default every time a customer visits your site. Also, make sure you create the ”contact us” page. Use contact form 7 plugin for this purpose. Then fill in the relevant details.
  6. Setting up the WP-eCommerce Plugin
    Under settings and store, you can make changes as suitable. You can select country, market where you want to sell your products, the number of times a user’s cart can preserve items as well as currency type.
  7. Presentation
    Under Button Type, you need to check for ”Add to cart”. Here, you’ll also find additional options such as the ability to add product ratings, display per items shipping and so forth. You are free to enable or disable options as per your needs.
  8. Admin section
    The first 3 options can are used for downloadable products such as music, games, movies etc. Put your email under the ”Purchase Log Email”. Set your terms and conditions if they apply. The custom message section lets you edit admin reports and purchase receipts. You can also change the ”tracking report” options in this page. Save your changes.
  9. Taxes
    Define tax rules according to your requirements. Under shipping, you should select ”use shipping” option. If you select enable free shipping discount, it means customers will enjoy shipping discounts when they buy from you. The shipping module also lets us set the fixed rate option as well as the applicable rates to customers who order from overseas.
  10. Payment
    You can define a payment gateway for your customers. We will use PayPal, so you must open a PayPal merchant account if you don’t have any. Here, you need to provide all details to help customers pay you via this gateway. You are free to enable other payment options as well.
  11. Checkout
    Customers must register first before doing business with you. Make sure you enable the SSL options too. SSL means they can securely use their payment information over the web without leaking it.

Hostgator business planCongratulations!! Your e-Commerce site is now ready. Create e-commerce website with these tips and get started right away. This is very simple and straight forward. You can also use other platforms to create an e-Commerce website. We only chose WordPress as an example.

When come to e-Commerce website hosting, we highly recommend this Hostgator business hosting plan only. View this web hosting plan here.

Private SSL and dedicated IP helps website ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes a group of tactics, strategies and techniques that can be used to improve the traffic of visitors to a website in current online commercial market. It helps in improving the rank of the website in search results offered by various search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. In this way search engine optimization improves the chances of accessing a website through the search engines by improving its accessibility for them. Various methods and techniques are used for this purpose and private SSL and dedicated IP are among them. Here in this write up you will find how these two strategies help in website ranking.

Though Dedicated IP is one of the most effective ways that are used these days to attract the online customers to your website but recently Google has announced that in its latest search algorithm HTTPS on a website will be considered as an effective signal for ranking a website. So in this light you must be familiar with both of these strategies.

What is Dedicated IP Hosting?

A unique IP address is provided by a dedicated IP hosting service provider for a website or individual server domain to ensure the hold of the website on that server. It implies that no other website can share that IP address. In this way the IP address of your website provides it more independence on that server as compared to other sites on it and helps in improving its rank on search engines. This certificate was used to provide additional security to the website.

Most of the SEO experts are of the view that dedicated IP is better than shared IP as according to them search engines consider the IP address of a website while deciding its rank of search engine results. On the other hand in case of shared hosting search engines can ban the complete IP address if any spam site is noticed by them. All the sites on that IP address will be banned automatically. So to overcome this problem webmasters started using dedicated IP hosting to get own IP address for a website. For that reason dedicated cloud hosting services were used by most of the mid size organizations to improve their ranking on search engine results.

What is the advantages of having a private IP?

  1. Great flexibility
    Dedicated IP hosting provides greater flexibility even for using hosting facilities of complex nature. The inclusion of an anonymous FTP access along with a private Secure Sockets Layer certificate makes it more beneficial for an individual to share any information online safely and securely.
  2. Full control on the website
    Dedicated IP provides the business owner complete control on his website. He can improve the content of his website whenever required to improve its ranking on the search engine results.
  3. Less chances of banning website due to fault of others
    Unlike shared IP address your website will not be banned if any of the other websites on that server is banned by the search engines due to any of their fault.

What is SSL? SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is used to establish an encrypted link between a browser and a web server as a standard security technology to ensure the integrity and privacy of the data passed between them. In other words it can also be known as a Lock on the browser so that it may not make the confidential and crucial information public. So, a private SSL certificate is required to enable HTTPS for your website.

Why private SSL? After much research about improving the rank of the websites on search engine results Google has decided that its search ranking algorithms will use the encrypted and secure HTTPS of a website as a signal for its ranking to provide it more security. They are encouraging the webmasters by rewarding them who are using SSL certification for their websites.

How to get HTTPS for a website? Webmasters can apply to obtain private SSL certificate for their website and enjoy the advantages of HTTPS that signals to improve the ranking of their website on search engine results.

Thus both private SSL and dedicated IP can help in website ranking in different contexts as stated above.

When is time for Hostgator VPS hosting upgrade?

Hostgator VPS hosting plansWe saw they start introducing VPS web hosting plans a few years back and this year they are updating the available packages and make it even better than before. We are not seeing a bigger packages at much cheaper price. Previously there are 9 plans available and now there is only 5 available. The most basic Snappy 500 plan is semi-managed VPS and not recommended for all beginners, please choose the Snappy 1000 instead. This Hostgator VPS plan start from $19.95 per month and first month is available with 50% half price discount.

Why people are moving to VPS web hosting? Selecting the most powerful virtual private server (VPS) web hosting or budget dedicated server is significant, particularly when you’re starting out. Price is always an issue if you are not producing any sales, and it can deter many companies from making the best choices. There are exceptional conditions for each kind of hosting out there that can make it the correct or the wrong selection for the needs of your online business. First, begin by taking inventory of where you’re as a company, how long you plan on taking to get there, and where you expect to be. How to choose VPS web hosting plans? Read on to learn.

Where are you as a company? Most VPS hosting is allowed for businesses that have graduated from the startup stage. If you’re beginning to see actual results with your advertising efforts and you’re bringing in the traffic and the sales, then protected from the risks in addition to you may need to ensure you’re sufficiently prepared for the load. A VPS runs from one server broken up into numerous chambers that “act” like they’re dedicated. To put it differently, you’re sharing the fiscal responsibility with others, but your websites don’t socialize. They may be partitioned off. So, you’re better protected against malware and viruses. But the bigger you grow, the more limits your VPS will have for your company.

Where do you expect to be? How large do you wish to be if you’re needing to grow? You have still got big plans ahead, and if your website is having trouble handling all the traffic, then you definitely might want to consider updating to a budget. These enable more autonomy while not totally cutting you loose from technical support. Then you may need to consider this alternative as the numbers do not lie if your growth strategies are competitive, and you are assured that your traffic will continue to improve to a stage of critical mass for the VPS.

How quick do you plan on getting there? Here’s where you’ve got to be cautious. There are many hosting companies out there offering budget or a VPS but they keep severe limits on the number of ‘electricity’ you could really use. Rather than being restricted, it is better to work with an industry expert that can promise you you will never be penalized for the popularity of your website.

Deciding on budget or a VPS is as difficult as believing all the sales pitches. Do your research to find the best value, and take nothing less than the best.

There are many matters to consider before you buy a hosting package. Two things to consider are flexibility and cost. As your web site starts to grow with visitors will your hosting package have the ability to grow with you too? There’s no doubt a lot of people favor shared hosting for the simplicity of it and cost over the other hosting services. Nevertheless, VPS hosting is crucial if you plan on having an internet presence.

The primary reason is the flexibility you get with this kind of hosting although there are many reasons why individuals would decide to go with VPS hosting. If you’re looking to have complete root access this kind of hosting can be really powerful. Below are some of the characteristics and reasons why folks enjoy VPS web hosting.

  1. You get full root access.
  2. It Is quite affordable.
  3. You can decide to use Linux or Windows.
  4. You can install almost anything.
  5. Vital firewall characteristics.

VPS hosting feature list

With a Virtual Private Server you have flexibility and total control of the web applications which you select to use. Another popular reason many choose this kind of hosting is that it is considerably more safe and reliable than shared hosting. By using VPS you can select which operating system you’d like to use Linux OS or Windows OS. The popular choice is Linux OS because of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that it uses.

For someone without knowledge of a web server works, a VPS can be an arduous job to keep. The solution to this issue is a control panel that is good. This kind of applications will simplify server management, and supply access to powerful features that can be used to bring out the best in your endeavors that are on-line. There are several control panels offering the same abilities, so it’s better to concentrate on the details needed to streamline your management procedures.

Locating a great web hosting company can be challenging when you just have fundamental necessities. It gets even more difficult when more complex demands come into play. It’s still a large step up from the shared hosting environment and therefore calls for you to take quite a few critical variables into account, all which can have a tremendous impact in some sort or another, although VPS web hosting is a manageable option in the right hands. Prior to making the final decision on who’ll supply what, take outside some time to consider your choices and carefully assess your needs.

VPS banner

Your website need a Hostgator dedicated server

Hostgator dedicated server basic planHostgator dedicated server is not cheap and priced from $139 per month. And there are 4 Linux server options and Windows server available to choose from. But why webmasters prefer these and willing to pay so much and to host their websites in here.

The functionality and overall performance of a website will mostly depend on the web hosting. A web hosting is like a landlord and the website is the tenant. The ability of the landlord to provide you with relevant materials in your house will determine your comfort. Aspects like security, water supply and drainage, and hygiene is what will make you enjoy the rented (hosted) house. The same applies to a website; your hosting plan will determine the success and easy functionality of your site. There are different web hosting plan and a dedicated web hosting is one of the most preferred.

So what is a Dedicated Server? This is a plan that gives you full ownership of your network. It is a physical server, which allows access to only one client (website). When you are on a dedicated server, you will be able to exploit the absolute RAM and CPU resources of the hardware of the host. Technically, you will be the only one on the server, which means that you will not share it with anyone, making your site to be more secure and faster.

Why choose a dedicated server?

  • With dedicated web hosting, you will be less likely be blacklisted by a search engine. For the shared servers, it is easier to be blacklisted because there are various users sharing the same network who might engage in spam activities or content.
  • Since you are only one user on a dedicated network, your response time and overall performance is faster, but on the shared server, it is slower. This is because there are several websites being hosted on the same network, which causes competition of load times.
  • A dedicated network is more secure because you are the only user on the server, but a shared server has several users, who all have access to the content and they might interfere with it. You are also susceptible to viruses, spyware and malware on a shared server.

What is the benefits of a dedicated server?

  1. Reliable
    there is an extra reliability with dedicated servers, whereby, you will be able to enhance the uptime of your website and load stuff easily for the sake of your users. The users will be able to download or upload contents, browse through stuff, devoid of any challenges. You will also be confident of running any website of your choice, however heavy it might be, the loading time will not be affected.
  2. Executive access
    usually, you will have less admin access on a shared server, but you will have more admin/root access t a dedicated server. This is advantageous as it lets you to install any program of your choice and customize the programs in accordance to your preference. When you have root access, you will be able to observe the usage of the resources of the server.
  3. Superior technical support
    a dedicated hosting gives you the chance of enjoying a full support, because you are the only user on the server. It will be easier to manage and offer support to a website that is under dedicated hosting. This is because there are no several different needs, from the websites, as there would be on a shared server.
  4. Choosing a dedicated web hosting plan
    if you have decided to choose a dedicated server for hosting your website, you will be needed to put some factors into considerations. Here are some aspects you will need to consider.
  5. The operating system
    normally, there are 2 chief OS on a dedicated server, which are Windows and Linux. The most common choice for web hosting has been Linux, which originated from UNIX. Windows servers, a Microsoft product, are also becoming popular in several web hosting plans. Nevertheless, you should choose a server that is compatible with your computer. Whatever operating system you choose, ensure it is the same you use on your computer.
  6. CPU/RAM
    this aspect is not easy to stipulate as it is dependant on several factors. If your site is more demanding, (needs constant visiting from users), it will require a more reliable server. You will need to choose a plan that has a RAM/CPU power that is relevant to the needs of your site. If the site runs a number of forums by .net, along with pages generated from an SQL, you will need a higher CPU and RAM power.
  7. The bandwidth
    this is also an important factor to consider when you need a dedicated hosting plan. It manages the amount of data that can be distributed from the server. The bandwidth will normally be measured in a certain month. If you have a site with several multimedia and graphical aspects, you will greatly benefit from such a plan.

Normally, there is a standard allowance of around 50 GB, which implies that your site will only be able to deliver data of up to 50 GB within a single month. Though this could seem a lot to transfer for a site, there are some that will need more than that. So if your site has more video and images, you will need to have to go for a higher or unlimited bandwidth.

A managed dedicated server is maintained by the host themselves. Your work will only be informing them on what to do and how you want it to look like. However, you will need to pay some fee for this type. So if you want a professionally handled server, then you might want to go for the managed dedicated web hosting. This saves on your time and ensures you have a site that is of high quality and performance.

Basically, a dedicated web server gives you full authority, and you will be able to assure your users of a high performing site, without any slow page loads. It is recommended to go for a plan that has unlimited bandwidth as well as disk usage, for more reliability and efficiency. The only negative aspect with a dedicated network is that it is quite expensive than a shared server. But you will be sure of a safer, better network that delivers top notch results to your users. So if you think of buying a web hosting plan, consider a dedicated server.

When your website is start making some real money or perhaps thousand of dollars every month, this is the best time to migrate to a private server and choose this Hostgator dedicated server plan. Price start from $174 a month and it comes with free control panel. Click on below banner to activate their latest discount price for dedicated server.

Hostgator dedicated server banner

Website Penalty by Google and How We Fixed This

Get a cheap domain name here.What does SEO mean? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, what this means is that there are keywords (specific words) we use on our website, that gets picked up by search engines. Most common search engines are Google, Bing, Wow, Blekko and there are lots more. These words help our sites to be more visible to the public. The more keywords on your web site or blog, the better it is. Keywords are words that describe what it is you do. You will be ranked higher and appear on the specific search engine’s referral pages.

The aim is to have a good website and to gain customers from the internet, in order to do so the website needs to be on preferably the first page that appears in a search. It has been shown that most people only open the first 10 sites that the search engine places on the first page. Why do people do this, well, this is where the keywords come in. The first page that opens on the search engine is most likely to be the correct type of business or article needed, therefore most people would open a few sites and get what they need, and search no further.

When setting up a website, it is of utmost importance to do it right. To use keywords that could be searched for in relation to your business. The title of your page is the most likely to attract attention and has to be precise. Headlines, links on your page, the body or information on your page all make a difference. What the search engines do is look for keywords to link search results to. Search engines are like spiders, crawling over and into everywhere. Where they catalogue and index all website, they compose lists of keywords linking sites to the specific searches.

Transfer to HostgatorWhat is website penalty? These can be manual (by human) or by the Google program (algorithmic). If it is manual, you will receive a message saying what the problem is caused by; the message will say manual action and inform you why you have a penalty. If a manual penalty comes up, you can ask for a review, but firstly you must correct the site. An automatic (algorithmic) fault can be harder to correct. A website gets penalized when the substance of its pages or links contain information which is not useful or deceptive or displaying false information. Once again, the reasons why the content must be used correct and be unique. You must depict exactly what it is you are all about, what you do, how you do it and what do you offer the client.

What caused website penalty? If you use other sites information on your own site, it is seen as a duplicate action and can not only cause problems for you, but also the other site, the same applies to your site, if someone copies your information you will also be penalized. If the links you add to your site has too much of the same information, or are faulty or contain false information, or cause spam you can also be penalized. The pages on your web site have to be unique, also, each page has to have different information on it, or it will be seen as duplicate pages and penalized. If there are any signs of spam from your website it will cause a penalty. If you have subdomains and link them to your main site without their own setup and information, you can be penalized for this. You can also unknowingly buy a site domain that has had a bad name and this will follow you to your site, buy domains from trusting sites and people. When you place advertisements on your pages, make sure they do not stand out above your work or information, the site is more important than the advertisements and this must be seen as such.

This Hostgator review site was once penalized by Google and no where found in their search result. After a few years and when the site is growing too huge, its content are somehow identical to each other and we are slammed with duplicate content penalty. There is no quick fix in this, what we can do is reword on all articles, and make sure they are informative, useful and not conflicting with the other articles. After over a year, this review site finally gets back to page 2 for direct keyword search.

Fix your website penalty. Firstly we would suggest that you try and not get into this position, it is not always the easiest thing to clear up. If you gain penalties over a period of time and they accumulate it might sometimes be wiser to start a fresh site, when in this situation, it is not an easy choice to make, the time, money and effort that has gone into your site will all be lost and doing it all over might not be an option for some, but this is however only advised in rare cases. Consult with people you trust and seek professional help to see if there are other ways to clear up the problem. If your page allows for user input, check them regularly for spam and also information that could harm your site.

  1. Find out what has caused the problem, why did you get a penalty, what was the reason or reasons. Ask yourself, what you did on your site, or add to your site that could have brought this on. If you added new links or updated information, remove it.
  2. It may also be a problem with Google, yes this can happen, and you get blamed, it’s not fair, but it’s true. If you find the problem and remove it you can submit a request to have your site restored. You might not gain the same ranking as you had, but this you can build on again. There are many sites that offer help on this subject and you can also use Google, they offer guidelines on what has gone wrong and what to do.
  3. Do a thorough check of all the aspects of your site and make sure you find the culprit that caused the penalty. If the problem is not resolved completely, you might get penalized in the future for the same reasons.

This is not an overnight, quick fix problem, it could take months to find and eliminate the root of the cause. It is however mostly a quicker and cheaper process than to build a new site. Getting your ratings and site back in action might also take months, but it would be easier with your current site than starting a new one.