Real Hostgator video streaming and live test

Hostgator video streaming planWe double checked on’s specification page and found out the video streaming feature is only available in shared and dedicated server. Its not available in Hostgator reseller or VPS.

All their web hosting plans that support streaming video are come with GD2 graphic library and ImageMagick. With these features in place, the plans are supporting streaming audio and video. It also includes free module, apps and tools for supporting this features. Here are the main specification (from website) that allows video playback in their hosting plans.

Video streaming features

With our own Hostgator Baby plan, we are testing this and confirmed video streaming is a supported feature. What we did is uploaded a small video files to our hosting space and later add the video into this Hostgator review blog via flash plugin support. With these, we can add any video in here, view it and playback directly online.

The latest WordPress blog allow us to import the media file into gallery and integrate it into website directly. In this type of setup, there is no additional plugin require. And we have checked the Hostgator video hosting performance with this and its playback speed is even better.

You can view the video below and check the playback speed. If you want to host even more video content or having an even larger website, what you need is the latest Hostgator VPS hosting that be able to serve more traffics.

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  • We have insert a new video for your Hostgator streaming test. With this new video compiled into MP4 and available in huge resolution and now with over 50 seconds in video content, you can use this for testing and see their speed performance.

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