is now with over 9 million domains and they really “eat up the competition”. This is a world leading technology company and they are the fastest growing web hosting company. They are now ranked 186 in Alexa site traffic, which is remarkable.

We own a shared web hosting account with and this is our self-owned account. We have full access to their hosting service. Here is where we revealed their entire secret and know what makes them so successful today. We are their customers and everything we learned are exposed in this Hostgator review site. There should be no hidden facts and no fake reviews either. Web Hosting

Hostgator offer some of the greatest shared web hosting. Their price are one of the most affordable and with the help of coupon codes, we can get these plans with another saving. Anyone who looks for website hosting plan would be attracted to this deal.

Hostgator Hatchling plan is priced at $3.95/mo and recommended for personal website hosting. It allows single domain hosting only and user are not allowed to add new website in here. Use coupon HOSTGATOR371, and the discount price is $3.71/mo!

Hostgator Baby plan is the most preferred and suitable for 90% of webmaster needs. This advanced plan allows unlimited domains and user can host multiple websites in one account. Either 10 websites or 50 websites or more, the flexibility is yours. This is why most people are switching to Baby unlimited domain hosting plan. When selecting their shared package, we are choosing to start with this plan too. Regular price is $6.36/mo, and when use the coupon HOSTGATOR371, the discount price is $5.96/mo!

Hostgator Business plan is suitable for e-commerce site. This plan has additional features not found in other base plans. The price start from $10.36/mo and come with free toll-free number, dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Use coupon HOSTGATOR371, and the discount price is $9.71/mo!

They have three web hosting packages and each have their purposes. General features are including cPanel control panel with 1-click apps installer. Free 4500 website templates for download, free marketing coupons and including $100 Google Adwords.

Hostgator features

Hostgator cPanel control panel is the best. All their hosting accounts are using the most popular cPanel website control panel. For our own account, it uses the same thing. Right here, we are going to review this and provide as much information as possible.

Some web hosts require user to log in via their company official website. User can sign in to their website cPanel directly via their domain name follow by “cpanel” string. For example, our log in location is now accessible at:

Take a tour in this cPanel control panel here. Their website control panel are constantly upgrading from time to time. It includes all the latest apps, free tools and free gifts. At the top section, there is domain search and registration tool. User can perform domain privacy check and even transfer domain over. Next, there is special offers section. At here user can find the latest product deals and upgrade add-on at discount price.

cPanel demo

Hostgator email accounts and services are tested here. Their email setup and connection is extremely easy and bugs free. Our demo account is able to send receive mail instantly. The speed is fast and relay is short. Their shared hosting permits up to a 200 emails per hour. If you send over this amount in any hour, most of the mails will bounce back with an undelivered error. That makes 4800 emails daily limit. Honestly speaking, that is a huge amount, compare to GoDaddy host that allow 250 in total per day per domain. For user that require sending larger than 5000, you can signup to VPS or dedicated hosting. There are no limits in these plans and thus solve your problem.

Hostgator webmail can be easy accessed from cPanel or directly access from web browser. Usually we will enter URL like this will bring up the management like below. If username and password is not stored in browser catch, then you will be prompt for re-entering this again. After logged in, we will get Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube webmail program. I most prefer SquirrelMail, cause of its speed of access and easier browsing.

Webmail client program

Hostgator file limits is one of the highest, from our finding their shared plan allows 50000 files to be hosted and this is referred as inodes limit. In another term, user is allowed to host 50000 inodes in single account. User is allowed to host more than that and up to 250000 in one account. Problem is the first 50000 files will be backup periodically, remaining will be skipped.

Hostgator customer service is the best. For the pass few years, we know their products are great and come with excellent after sales service too. Their technical support teams are reliable and available 24/7. They are now accessible via live chat online, via phone and email as well. Their phone support is reachable at toll-free number 1866-96-gator.

Their customer service is one of the most professional we have ever seen. The communication is clear and our technical issues can be clearly understood by their representative and the problem will get fixed in shortest waiting time. Over the years there are not many problem with our account, we have few experience reaching their customer support team via online chat and email ticketing.

In overall, their customer support team is attending to our request and technically capable in solving various issues. The problems are not repeating and the solution their applied are very effective.

Hostgator uptime stat is almost perfect. After many years using their shared hosting and dedicated server, we can see their different and why million of websites switch over for their services. Our website can be expected to be available 99.9% of the time and we even getting 100% perfect uptime most the time. Throughout the year, we are getting an averagely low outages and not causing any serious problem. We have been tracking our website uptime and downtime for years, the annual statistic is as following.

Website uptime downtime

Hostgator speed test is rated the best. Each web hosting company choose their own server hardware and network technology, this result is different server speed performance. When we start moving website to shared hosting, the website speed is average good. Throughout many years, they have upgraded the server several times and this result in obvious performance improvement. Right now, our website is showing impressive response time and speed.

Website speed test

Hostgator speed widget is used for rating website speed. I heard of this a few times before, but really no interest to get it started or installed. Simple is that I know this hosting server is fast, and I am very satisfied with it. However, today I jump to a site, and it’s talking about this. What I need to do is enter in this Hostgator review blog URL and after that I am given a piece of JavaScript code about 9 lines long. And I am supposed to paste it to this blog post. I am doing it now. I choose to make it public and paste the link here. You can click on it and view my blog rating. Now after I setup the widget, and got the link. So, I visited it now and what I seeing is something like a Google map. Where I can see those that accessing the test page where I paste in the JavaScript a moment ago. A closer look is that, this is something like a user voting or pooling system. Where visitor to my website can drop their vote and the speed reflected is actually their personal opinion. So, if you think this blog loaded very fast then vote it 5. This is not the real speed reflected.

Hostgator speed widget

Hostgator affiliate program is for everyone. The economy is going down trend and less people are spending online. This is the biggest concern for most web hosting companies too. Few of them are looking for a quick way out by cutting off the costly affiliate program and other marketing campaign. They are paying less and some are applying extra rules to reduce their monthly payout.

From their official website, they have stated over one million dollars paid out every month. This is a huge increment from the previous monthly payout. There is no monthly minimum to receive payment and website owner can signup to this program, get the tracking code, and refer people over and get paid for their referral. It’s a simple and straight forward web hosting affiliate program.

However, there are few requirements to be fulfilled before getting paid. The sale referred is subject to approval. Referral that is marked as invalid or duplicated will not be paid. A new account will move from status to status until it is fully approved and marked as valid. Their checking process is one of the most complicated and expects to see over half referral being rejected every month.

For selected time, they will launch additional affiliate bonus. For example this March and June 2013, they are offering extra bonus for extra sales you referred to them. Earn extra bonus money when you increase sales number and sending more people compare to previous month.

Our Hostgator rating is surely above 9.9 out of 10. Surely this is one of the best website hosting company and this is the fact we learned from our years of reviews and experience with them. In comparison, there are not many other web hosts that are as good as them. Their shared plans are offering all the great features and we prefer the unlimited domain package. They have various web hosting packages to choose from and this including performance VPS plans and superior dedicated servers.

Overall rating and vote

Hostgator DNS is as following. First of all, they have a lots of domain name server, not just two. Usually, we will expect to see the common setting. But it’s not. You have to refer to the setup email send to you and search for the DNS to use. For this review site, the domain name server we have to use is: &

If you are using their reseller, VPS or dedicated servers, they are come with private name server. In here, you must use create a private name server and all website hosted inside must be using this customer name server.